God stood with him on the street corner with His hat out…

Awesome story

God Spots

hopeless eyes

I saw the dirty homeless man with his hat out walking and working between cars at a busy intersection.  I pulled money out of my pocket with the intent of giving it to him, but the light changed and we were separated.  I shrugged and thought the Father knew best as I headed on home.  As I drove away, I was impressed with the thought the Father wanted me to be intentional about this gift and to turn around and meet the man.  So i did…

I pulled into a parking lot near the man and walked to the intersection.  I put enough money in his hat to let him know i seriously cared for him and asked if we could chat.  He said, “Yes.  Let’s get under the shade tree.”

I shook his hand and looked in his eyes wondering how old he was.  I figure him to be…

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