When God Calls We Better Answer: An Exegesis of Matthew 8:22

The Call Of Jesus


On March 19, 2014 I received the following question on my Facebook group page RealTalkwithDrIrie concerning a saying of Jesus: “Let the dead bury the dead”…Matthew 8:22…what does this mean to you?

When seeking to understand a biblical passage, context is critical. What I mean is this, if we pull a verse out of the context in which it was written, in all probability, we will twist and distort the authors original meaning, thereby deriving an alternate understanding of the text, one that the author never intended. It is for this reason that when asked to explain a single verse to someone, I rarely do so. Why? Because in order to derive the meaning of a scripture, we cannot be in a hurry; responsible exegesis is time consuming. It is therefore my contention that in order to remain as true to the text as possible, time must be invested in study…

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