3 Ways to Break from the Slavery of Mediocre

Mediocre :


Among the definitions one stands out for me “UNINSPIRED”.

I want to live an uninspired life, said no one ever ! But no one may have said it but many are living uninspired lives.

I’ve been enslaved in that trap of mediocrity.
I settled for letting somebody else do it.

I convinced myself that I could help others live their inspired lives and not doing it myself was enough.

I believed money stood in my way

I was in slavery but that voice in my spirit would whisper. “You must do the thing you cannot do”. Inspired means “God-breathed”. To live an uninspired life is to live directly against what God put in you to be. Think on that! That’s deep!

Slavery is an idea that once you decide to not be in slavery anymore , you are free.

3 ways to break free from the slavery of Mediocrity

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