My Struggle with Achieving My Goals

Happy Labor Day


I discovered while was great at writing goals I was not as competent at achieving them.

I’m speaking of the BIG goals.

I would write them down and even post them where I could see them everyday. But I got off track or procrastinated.

For years I went through this frustration and disappointment.

Eventually, I discovered the secret to why I was not able to meet my goals. THE MAIN REASON was that my goals were
not aligned
not in sync
With my VALUES.

Now that I have done my work, I live a much more fulfilling and satisfying life!

All I want to do now is share the process of going from

Frustration to Fulfillment!

I have created an online course to help anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.


You receive an Introduction and 8 Lessons. You can go at your own pace and your get several Life Coaching calls included.

For full details
go to the website

Click in this link above and sign up.

If you sign up TODAY

Check out the Introduction.

I sincerely hope you will invest in your personal growth. I look forward to partnering with you.

Thanks for your time.

Glenda M Thomas
Certified Life Coach



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