Confessions of an Introvert

Personality typing is the first thing I do when coaching clients.


Personalities are fascinating. You live your life thinking and behaving a certain way, only to realize other people don’t and are therefore obviously complete lunatics. How we process social situations and how we make sense of the world can be traced to the inherent ways in which our brains are wired.

Apparently, people are considered either introverted or extroverted. Of course sometimes we toggle between the two personalities to fit the situation. As Carl Jung* once said:


It wasn’t until middle school when I realized which end of the spectrum I live.

My first big sign: I didn’t like to be around large groups of people. Hell, some days I didn’t like to be around small groups of people. I would much rather sit underneath a tree, stare off into space or read a book. Maybe sit on a park bench and have a meaningful convo with a pair of mourning doves.

I know you’re absolutely stunned by this admission. After all, I’m a writer**. Even…

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