How I Am Dealing with my Brain Aneurysm Surgery

I noticed that Lydia had a hashtag

The interview was done under the twitter name @glendathefoodie and Lydia is @livingchic 

#strong womenofmeerkat, so I took the word strong to tell you how I’m dealing with this aneurysm surgery.

S – spiritual perspective 

T -trusting God

R- Relinquishing the false sense of security 

O- open to growth, open to opportunity, open to community

N- not a loner. Interdependent 

G- Gratitude that the aneurysm was found, and that. I am living in a time where the technology allows for them to take care of it.


The strangest thing about this experience is that I did not feel strong, I actually feel more vulnerable than I have felt in a long time.

Here is a video of  my conversation with Lydia Mattison. We connected on meerkat app. It’s the next big thing !!!

Click Here 

Here is a photo of my scar and staples May 10, 2015. I came home   

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. 



5/15/2015 I got the staples removed 

No pain thank you Jesus! 

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