Oreos are More addictive than …

Study: Oreos are More Addictive Than Cocaine

Ocean Robbins sent this letter to me. It’s about Oreos. 


Hi Glenda the Good Foodie,
Back in 2013, Forbes revealed scientific research which showed that Oreos could be more addictive than cocaine or heroin. This means it may be easier to kick a cocaine addiction than it is to let go of those double-stuffed sugar-bombs.
But it doesn’t stop there…
Food addiction isn’t just about Oreos. Yes, some people are hooked on junk food. But many so-called “health foods” can be just as addictive. For some folks, organic, stone-ground whole wheat bread, vegan black-bean brownies, or plain old chips and dip do the trick. Sound familiar?
My dear friend, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, has developed a 5-question Susceptibility Quiz to help you find out how likely you are to be addicted to food — and what you can do about it.
Find out where you are on the Susceptibility Scale by taking this short quiz.
After the quiz, Susan will give you your score, and a customized Food Freedom video to help you understand what it means for your life.
At the Food Revolution Network, we’re excited to be joining with Susan to bring this to you, because we think it’s breakthrough stuff.
Yours for food freedom,
Ocean Robbins
P.S. The fact is, some people are more susceptible to food addictions than others. Take the quiz to see where you stand. 


Food Revolution Network, PO Box 3563, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 

May the Work I’ve Done (Speak for me) Lyrics 

1. Oh may the work that I’ve done speak for me. (2x)  And when I stand before my God, I want to hear Him say “Well done. Oh may the work that I’ve done speak for me.


The work that I’ve done. (Repeat) it seems so small. Sometimes it seems like nothing at all. And when I’ve done the best that I can, and this world  misunderstands, oh may the work that I’ve done, speak for me.

2. Oh may the service I give speak for me) Repeat. When I stand before my God, I want to hear Him say “Well done “


3. May the life I that live oh lord speak for me RepeatWhen I’m resting in my grave and there’s nothing that can be said.   Oh may the life that I live speak for me

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