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“Gratitude is the foundation for a Wonderful life. ” Glenda M Thomas

I recommend my clients keep a Gratitude Journal. Being grateful for what you already have is the strongest  beginning of the new path you are about to take with me.

My most recent adventure is brain aneurysm surgery (May 6, 2015). From the testing to diagnosis, I had so much to be grateful for. Gratitude can be kicked to the curb sometimes due to getting distracted by the next shiny thing.

Being grateful and appreciative pays off in all areas of my life- marriage,  work, business,

family and friendships. 

When I show gratitude it is like planting a seed that brings great fruit.
During my recuperation I have had time to reflect on GRATITUDE !! Then I decided to create Zentangle -inspired art and create this Gratitude Journal. 


Here a few of the things for which I’m grateful;

1. To be living in s time where the technology is available to find my aneurysm and operate on it so I can live. 

2. My loving husband

3. My supportive children

4. Caring church family

5. Coming through surgery – I went home May 10

6. 42nd wedding Anniversary May 11


I created several Gratitude Journals. You can grab several for yourself and some for gifts.

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