My Story and Why I am a Life Coach


Me 5th Grade , Me as a teenager, Me and J. C (the love of my life),

                      Me and J.C. newlywed and family, Me and my 3 kids, Me and my 2 daughters while they were in college, My mother and father, Me sitting on my mother’s tombstone, My 2 sisters who passed away 6 months apart,


                                        tMy brain surgery scar


The pictures above represent just a few of the many changes I have experienced. I was a child, a teen, a college student. I met the love of my life in college. The Lord blessed me with 3 wonderful children! I thank t


What would it be worth to you to :

Be Next-Level Self Aware

Be able to make decisions that are best for you with confidence

Possess key strategies and mindset guidance to having your best life.

Have tools to climb the mountains in your life successfully

 Have mindset that is ready to face challenges

Believe in yourself




     I am available to work with YOU.

     I serve you by providing:

  • that nudge you need to move forward

  • an accountability partner

  • a brainstorming partner

  • Strategic planning and implementation designed for YOU

  • Structured and fun action steps that challenge you to the next level

  • Help so you can keep the promises you made to yourself

  • Consistent and flexible contact to build momentum 


 When you complete the program:

  • You will see and feel evidence of  your progress.

  • You will feel more confident.

  • You will be able to follow through on important tasks.

  • You will become aware of who you are

  • You will get rid of things you need to get rid

  • You will be happier with your life than you are now

  • You will notice that other people notice a change in you

  • You will align your values and goals then set goals that you will reach

  • You will be more optimistic about your life.

  • You will learn to be self-observant and experience the power of it


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I will walk with you

on your journey to a brighter, freer, accomplished life. I work with coachable individuals who are feeling stuck and are fully ready to move from the Quicksand to the highest Quality life ever! I offer a Premium 6 Month Package to go from the Quicksand to to a higher Quality life ever!

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